Meet Our Team

Our leaders are a diverse group of people with extraordinary passion for BriskBolds’ principles.

Chief Executive Officer

Hilal Ahmad

An experienced leader, a pragmatic problem solver, innovator, big on strategy and family. A nature lover who loves technology and helping others towards success. Explorer of new horizons, relentless in pursuit of answers to new business problems. Loves to travel countries and explore their diverse culture.

Chief Operating Officer

Arshid Hussain

Arshid is someone who strongly believes in himself and trusts his intuition. He is an empathetic and understanding leader. He believes you can achieve your goals with passion and hardwork. His strategies have made the organisation achieve milestones.

Business Development Director

Aimain Jan

A visionary with eye for change and adaptability. Leading the digital transformation of the organsations towards future proofing while as understanding the current challenges. Aimain believes that family comes first but that should not stop you from chasing your dreams. Almost a decade in UAE with experience in wide variety of industries. She is a leader, dreamer, creative thinker and solution seeker.

H.R. Director

Imtiyaz Tarfarosh

Imtiyaz is a proactive individual who believes in living life with love and passion. His motto as an H.R. Director is to contribute to the organisation with his energy and experience. Briskbold is not just a tech company, it has a vision into future disruptive technolgies and needs the right talent and resources that share the same goals and mottos.

Technical Lead

Uzma Naqash

A tech lover who is excited by latest technologies. A light-hearted and a very loving individual who loves cooking and driving. She believes there is a brighter side to life.

Sr. Designer

Bazila Hamid

A digital designer by profession who believes learning has no end. An empathetic, perseverant and dedicated individual who defines and develops the Briskbold's brand as the world's leading intelligent digital workforce builders.